Hammer Drill Bit 1-1/4" x 31" x 36" Spline Shank Single Point

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  • Tungsten-carbide tip provides superior wear resistance in tough applications
  • Patented four-cutter tip design that provides optimal performance
  • Large flute volume for fast drilling, dust transport and less clogging
  • Active-centering tip for optimum guidance when drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Inclined side cutters for aggressive drilling

Product Description

Bosch brings constant innovation to concrete and masonry drilling. Bosch developed custom-manufactured carbide and diffusion bonding technology to provide better performance and durability. Speed-X delivers high performance in precision anchoring and drilling applications

Bosch HC4073 spline rotary hammer bits are carbide tipped and fit Bosch as well as other spline hammers. Speed-X combines the life and durability you expect with the fastest hammer carbide drilling speed ever. It performs even better than any other bit in precision anchoring and deep drilling applications.