1/4" x 600' Manila Rope

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  • Knot holds well & will not slide
  • Lightly treated to prevent rot and mildew
  • Minimal elongation.
  • Outdoor Use

Up for sale are coils of 1/2" 600' Manila Rope Where Manila Rope is concerned, the best buy is from the Philippines. Manila rope is made from Abaca fibers, a plant which is a natural resource of the Philippines. Manila rope has some special features that synthetic rope cannot take place: the texture that gives a firm grip with very little stretch; its knot holds well and will not slide; it has a mix of tans, browns and blacks for color and is lightly treated to prevent rot. The tensile strength of Manila Rope is stronger than Sisal rope. Elongation of Manila rope is very minimal compared to synthetic ropes, which were prone to stretching and breaking. Some things to consider before purchasing this manila rope: 1. Your color can vary from the photo in the listing. Manila is made from a natural plant and colors will vary with the season of harvest and growing environment. 2. Manila Rope will shrink once exposed to moisture, much like a cotton T-shirt. Please allow for this. 3. This manila rope has a turpentine smell to it that will eventually fade, but may make it unsuitable for indoor use. This is the preservative that helps prevent rot and mildew. 4. This Manila Rope is not suitable for use with pets, including birds. 5. Manila Rope will require a larger diameter hole than the diameter of the rope, if inserting through a hole. 6. Can give splinters to hands while handling. Twisted Manila Uses: Agricultural functions Nautical applications Construction and industrial supply Mining operations Oil drilling industries Roofers Forest rangers Military people Advantages of Using Manila Rope Firm gripping Knot holds well & will not slide Stronger tensile strength compared to Sisal Rope Minimal elongation limiting stretching & breaking Need a different size, type or length? Check out our other listings