10' X 15' Filter Bag

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  • Sizing: Sediment bags should be sized based on the volume of water being pumped (pump flow rate), quantity and type of sediment and the permittivity of the given bag size. The 15 x 10 dewatering bag is one of our middle-sized bags and has an approximate capacity of 6 cubic yards/bag.
  • Location: Consideration should also be given to location. (Steep sloped surfaces are typically not recommended as the bag may roll). Placement may be in a 20’ drop box, dump truck or similar for easier transportation after a dewatering process. Bags may also be placed directly on the ground to filter water.
  • Discharge Hoses: Each sediment bag can handle a 2”, 3” or 4” discharge hose. (The hose can be placed along any edge by making a small incision into the fabric, inserting the hose and then clamping the fabric to the hose via wire, ties, clamp, rope or similar to create a good seal.)
  • Maintenance: These sediment bags are rugged, but not indestructible. Care should always be taken to properly monitor performance to ensure that pump rates or concentrations of sediment are not excessive. Failure to do so may cause bag to fail.