2" x 1" x 1/4" 80 grit Flap Wheel

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  • A versatile tool accessory for all ferrous and nonferrous materials, including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, iron, brass, plastic, fiberglass, wood, rubber and glass
  • Coated aluminum oxide abrasive flaps deliver consistent cutting action, maximum performance and long life
  • Flexible rectangular cloth conforms to flat and contoured surfaces
  • The unique product design of Flexovit’s mounted flap wheels ensures a perfect mandrel balance reducing operator fatigue and delivering a smooth, vibration-free performance


  • Foundry
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Ship Building
  • Structural steel
  • Wind Energy
  • Aluminum Oxide Coated Flap Wheel features 1/4" shank is ideal for rendering consistent cutting action, enhanced performance and extended life. Flap wheel offers to run at the maximum speed of 25000 RPM and is ideal for foundry, metal fabrication, mining, nuclear, shipbuilding, structural steel and wind energy industry. High performance wheel features flexible rectangular cloth that fits snuggly to flat and contoured surfaces. It has exclusive pattern with perfect mandrel balance that aids to minimize operator fatigue and to render a smooth, vibration free performance. It offers guaranteed performance on ferrous and nonferrous materials such as aluminum, iron, brass, fiberglass, wood, rubber, glass, mild and stainless steel. Versatile tool is perfect for cleaning, deburring, finishing, polishing and die grinding application.