3/4" x 60 Glass cloth(Equivalent Scotch 27)

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  • Non-scratch cloth for cleaning and polishing glass
  • Smear-free results on windows, mirrors and more
  • Clean and shine without sprays or polish
  • Machine washable at 95°C
  • Each pack contains 1 cloth measuring 30cm x 32cm

Product description

Product Description

Scotch-Brite Window Cloth enables quick cleaning of windows and other glass surfaces without streaks and lint. It is soft & easy to rinse. It is washable up to 40°C.


Directions: Performs with or without household chemicals, just fold cloth and gently wipe surfaces. Use damp cloth to remove water marks and dirt. Use dry on dampened glass to remove finger marks and light grease. Use dry to polish for smear free results. Rinse well after use.

Care Instructions: Do not use fabric softener. To keep your cloths fresh and clean we recommend you wash once a week at (min) 60°C.

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