48" Alum Pipe Wrench Rigid

Regular price $366.89

  • Lightweight one-piece cast aluminum body with straight I-beam handle
  • Forged and hardened steel hook and heel jaws
  • Full floating hook jaw creates a natural ratcheting action for work in tight spaces
  • Deep teeth bite onto pipes and fittings for a sure, non-slip grip

Product Description

Grip and turn pipes and fittings up to 2-3/4 in. O.D. with the lightweight TEKTON 14 in. Aluminum Pipe Wrench. The forged and hardened hook jaw floats on spring suspension, creating a continuous, grip-and-release ratchet action with very short swing arc, making it ideal for tight work spaces. Deep, precisely-machined teeth bite on and won't slip, even on the smooth surfaces of round pipes. Cast as a single piece for extra strength, the solid aluminum body is up to 30% lighter than cast iron wrenches. Designed like an I-beam, the handle resists bending and has a wide, rounded profile to keep your hand comfortable.