5 Gal Plastic Lid

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  • astic 100%
  • Imported
  • 5 Gallons in Volume – Food Grade HDPE Plastic – BPA Free
  • 90 Mils Thickness (.09 inches) – 14.5″ Height, 12″ Diameter
  • Metal Handle with Plastic Grip – Lid included
  • All Purpose – Heavy Duty
  • Made in USA

Description change to:White, 5 gallon food grade buckets with lids. These storage pails are made with FDA approved plastic 90 mil thick, making them amazingly strong and solid. The all-metal handle has an attached plastic molded grip that protects hands from heavy loads. Lipped lids make stacking safe and easy. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a solid food grade container to store seeds, flour, sugar, pet food or any number of other things. (Note: Consistent with modern industrial bucket common designs, the lower perimeter of the lid comprises a tear strip which serves to lock the lid onto the bucket. Initial installation requires the use of a rubber mallet. For the lid to be removed, the tear strip must be peeled away from the lid by pulling on the tab. The lid can then be installed and removed as needed. Some folks may find that a rubber mallet continues to be useful for installation. Remove by flexing each segment of the perimeter away from the bucket. Lid removal may be facilitated by use of a "bucket lid lifter" or "bucket wrench" available separately.)