Beveling Transmission with 14' Cable

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  • 9 or 14  ft. drive shaft standard or 14 ft. drive flexible drive cable and crank handle
  • Shaft for larger Diameter pipe
  • Motorized kits optional
  • Operated in reverse and forward mode
  • Precision cast for more rugged strength, lightweight cast aluminum chassis
  • Portable
  • Works with all the stainless steel bands
  • No requirement of electricity for manual operation
  • Adaptable for any beveling requirement
  • Smoothly, accurately cuts and bevels
  • Minimum clearance needed in bell holes


We manufacture quality range of beveling bends as per the client's demands. Our range is fabricated using high quality stainless and mild steel. These bands are extensively used for pipes with size of 10 inches or above. The cuts and bevels of the bands are smooth & accurately placed and further do not require electricity for their functioning.

Features of the beveling band are as discusses below:

  • One size Beveling Transmission Crawlers operates on all band sizes
  • Adjustable cutting head angle
  • Easily mountable on pipes