FR 12oz Jacket Grn 36" 4XL

Regular price $51.41

  • Sizes: M-4XL
  • Length: 36″
  • Color(s): Visual Green
  • Material:12 oz. Flame Retardant Cotton, six snap closure

FR cotton offers additional durability and less burn through over standard 9 oz. Our green flame retardant jackets are popular among both welders and industrial workers. The fabric conforms to ASTM D6413-13b and will retain its flame retardancy for up to 50 normal home washings and 25 commercial. The specially designed under-arm sport cut and hemmed collars are standard features on Weldas® jackets providing more comfort and freedom of movement. The jacket also features an inside pocket and a five-snap front which allows less gap for sparks to enter.