MATCC Car Truck LED Emergency Strobe Light

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  • HIGH POWER BRIGHTNESS:High intensity LED with low polycarbonate dome, self LED no external flasher required.Bottom with one big round magnet, cover by base,no scrape car's painting.A strong magnetic mount attaches it securely to the roof of vehicle.
  • FUNCTION:Perfect for use in Fog, Rainy, Snowy MudWind Season Ideal for Emergency Situations. You can leave it on the dash or you can put it on the outside roof, as there is a strong magnet to keep in place.When you open the flashing lights have a warning role, to remind the back to avoid the car, reducing the occurrence of the accident.
  • NEW HIGHLIGHTS: An increase of the new highlights of your car, in line with the pursuit of personalized fashion family needs.When you are in the field to play open the flash lights look different.
  • EASY TO INSTALLl: Mounted with magnets to the top, and plug into a 12v cigarette lighter.And high-power brightness. The cigarette plug makes it very convenient and portable .Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting, dust cover allows for easy maintenance. Easy to use,and is nice to have in case of an emergency.
  • WARNING : The national traffic regulations for the installation of such flashing lights in currently was permitted, but can not be used in the forbidden areas specified by the State or the city. Especially in the fog days, rainy days will be better to use the effect of the warning can play a better role, to avoid the tail.